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    Welcome to Buldana Urban Co-Opp. Credit Society

Shri. Radheshyam Chandak
     Founder, Chairman

What is the secret behind the success of Buldana Urban? There might be end number of answers to this question, such as best management, latest technology, creditability, the social commitment and so on.

I agree that these all and various other aspects are must for success. But at the same time in my opinion the formost secret formula for success is dialogue between the management and the customer.

Buldana Urban was established in 1986 with a mere capital of 12,000/- Rs. and 72 members. Today, 401 branches in 7 states of India.Today we have 300 warehouses at various locations. The growth of the society is going to be an ever-going process and so will be our social commitment. One cann’t ovelook or deny the fact that the society has always fulfilled its social commitments since the beginning. Society continue to receive recognition on various levels.

The Chief Minister of Maharashtra Hon’able Shri Prithvirajji Chouvhan feliciated me with the “Jeevan Gourav Award” at Shirdi during the international cooperative conference. Our teamwork and your sincere wishes have allowed us to remain in the foremost position. We will Continue to give our best to achieve the best for you. I hope to receive your warm wishes and blessings forever.

Radheshyam Chandak
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