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Welcome to Mahur Bhakt Nivas

Buldana urban is earning 6 Lakh as a pure profit everyday and gives 15% profit to its members. While achieving this high peoples threw stones in our way but we never reached to such things, we keep these stones and builds a big building with the help of these stones “keeping this in mind we have achieved overall progress. In two and half decades we established ourselves .”

For Booking Contact at Buldana (Head Office) Mr. Mahesh Kesale – 9011023454 Mr. Kalyan Deshpande – 9011023492

“ To consider this a subject we gave all information about our progress and active participation in sahakar movement and cooperative movement. if our objective is clear and pure we can achieve any thing in this world. Buldana urban we have proved this several time with the help of corporation. “ First do then say ‘’ we firmly believe in this sentence in cooperative field with our imagination and fore sight we achieve lots of success with these . We have got very good appreciation for our work in field of social , industrial, education and health and rural because of these our society is growing up and we expiries a great feeling to achieve such height .

Mahur Bhakt Nivas